In an industrialized world where family farming is disappearing, Farmers of Wine is a visionary project created to sustain local farming, family viticulture and wines with a local identify.

Farmers of Wine offers American consumers the opportunity to experience an authentic Italian wine that is a true expression of the terroir and traditions from which it comes. The farmers who grow the grapes for Farmers of wine are the custodians of Italy’s wine heritage. Their vines are their lives and their hands weave a story that spans across generations. They take pride in growing grapes that reflect the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the land they love. The project follows each farmer through the grape growing process and leverages our relationships, partnerships and economies of scale to ensure these farmers can deliver a high-quality product with authentic taste while receiving fair compensation, which may otherwise be unachievable for these small growers.

A CONSCIOUS CHOICE – Farmers of Wine is produced by Enoitalia, SpA, recipient of the VIVA Sustainability and Culture Certification from the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. This certification ensures a production model that respects the environment, protects product quality and provides fair and transparent information on the international market. VIVA confirms that in choosing Farmers of Wine you have made a conscious choice.

Certified Organic by ICEA; awarded a Silver Medal and named Highly Recommended and a Best Buy by


To create this authentic Italian wine, we partnered with local growers in Puglia, a region known for its venerable farming history and choose autochthonous varieties that have been cultivated in this region for over a millennium. Our farmers use the iconic albarello, or “little tree”, trellising system to ensure the vines yield fruit of the highest quality. The wine is certified organic by ICEA to ensure the grapes are grown without pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. ABV: 13.5%


50% Primitivo, 50% Negroamaro/Salento (Puglia)


Aromas and flavors of pomegranate, raspberry candies, peach yogurt, black olives and herbs with a satiny, crisp, fruity light body and an even, compelling, medium-length finish. A light-bodied red quaffer with a smooth and fruity style.