VOGA Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka that captures the essence of Italian style. This ultra-premium vodka is crafted from the superb wheat that Italy is famous for, water from the springs of Monte Rosa high in the Italian Alps, the lightest and purest water in Europe, and filtered through Nebbiolo grapes, the same grape which makes Barolo, the king of Italian wines. The finished product is presented in the signature VOGA cylinder bottle, which includes a built-in retractable pour spout. The result is a vodka with a unique flavor profile, unparalleled smoothness, and signature style that will transport you to Italy with every sip.

Rated 92 Points by Tasting Panel magazine and awarded Gold Medals from the Global Vodka Masters, International Wine & Spirits Competition, MicroLiquor Spirits Awards and WSWA Spirits Tasting Competition.


With an unsurpassed smoothness and unmatched flavor profile, VOGA Vodka is meant to be experienced “Solo”. The VOGA Solo can be served neat, straight up or on the rocks; add an olive garnish for an elegant presentation with effortless preparation to give your customers a full Italian experience. ABV: 40%


Italian Wheat


A refined nose gives way to smooth flavors enriched by the natural character of Nebbiolo grapes culminating in a delicate and balanced sweet finish.